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The farm and all the products that it produces are certified organic by the Kootenay Local Agricultural Society under the Kootenay Mountain Grown program.

For more details on this please go to:



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Our honey, for the last few years, has been remarkably consistent both in taste and in colour.

All our honey is cold extracted and cold filtered, which is a very time consuming process but yields a superior product by maintaining the honeys taste, colour and enzymatic activity and healthy properties.

Our honey is available in:

500 gm. Jars    $   8.50

1 kg. Jars         $ 17.00

Or in bulk


Our 3 oz. Jars of Pollen are collected on the farm and dried at low temperature to preserve it nutrition and flavour.

Our pollen is available as:

3 oz. Jars     $ 10.00


External Use Only

Our 2.5 fl.  oz. Dropper bottles are occasionally available as there is always a waiting list for them.

Our Propolis Tincture is available as:

2.5 fl  oz. bottles     $ 8.00

Propolis Tincture

Bees Wax

Bees Wax is never available from the farm. We use it ourselves to make our Lip Balms and Hand Creams.

Not Available